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Chinese Blooming Flower Tea

Chinese flowering tea or Chinese blooming tea, Chinese blooming flower tea consists of a dried tea leaves that have been wrapped around different flowers such as hibiscus, jasmine, globe amaranth, lily, chrysanthemum and osmanthus. Once the tea leaves have been bound around the flowers they are then moulded into a round ball or bulb and then they are dried. When these flower balls or bulbs are placed in hot water to steep the bundle of tea and flowers expands and unfurls similar to a flower blooming. The flowers inside the green tea emerge in the centre and are the main attraction of this tea. Most of the Chinese flower tea balls are made in Chinas southern Yunnan province. The history of  Chinese flower tea balls is unknown, it could be a modern creation or a much earlier practice. For the best effects Chinese blooming flower tea should be served in glassware like a glass teapot or large glasses for the best visual effects. The Chinese flowering tea balls are a great addition to a dinner party or cafes and restaurants. The tea itself can be used 2-3 times by adding more hot water after the first preparation.

Golden Ocean Chinese Tea

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