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Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea

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Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea

Body heatiness is a common symptom of body imbalance caused by unhealthy habits and lifestyle such as too much spicy or fried foods, lack of sleep, dehydration and stress. It is the root cause of many

illnesses. Balance and cool your body with a cup of Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea and let yourself enjoy its refreshing effects anytime of the day.

Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea is a special 29 herbal blend that reduces the discomfort of 'heatiness' in the body and relieves sore throat

The tea base - premium pu erh - with antioxidant effects and is mild to the stomach. Combined with herbs that have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, mild expectorant properties to accentuate the therapeutic effects

Drink Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea as the first sign of “heatiness” and throat discomfort, to experience the feeling of relieve

The main ingredient of Ho Yan Hor Gold Tea is premium pu erh which has antioxidant effects and is mild to the stomach. It helps to reduce liver-fire, and reduces heatiness. It also has a weight management effect where it helps to increase a drinker’s metabolism.

Thanks to its effect of heat-clearing and detoxifying, it is generally matched with herbs with anti-inflammatory properties to cure gum infection, mouth sores and sore throat that are caused by hyperactivity of stomach fire.

A chinese herb that is used to dispel wind and body dampness. It is prescribed to relieve pain especially chronic or acute pain at the lower back, mild headaches and toothache.

Mulberry Tea Leave (Sang Ye)

Fructus Forsythiae (Lian Qiao)

Rhizoma Atractylodes lancea (Cang Zhu)

Follium Perilla frutescens, Zi Su Ye

Fructus Gardenia jasminoides (Zhi Zi)

Poncirus trifoliata (Zhi Ke)

Angelicae Dahuricae (Bai Zhi)

Rhizoma Ligusticum wallichii (Chuan Xiong)

Fructus Viticis (Man Jing Zi)

Radix Scrophularia ningpoensis (Xuan Shen)

Herba Agastache rugosa (Huo Xiang)

Platycodon Grandiflorum (Jie Geng)

Radix Bupleurum chinense (Chai Hu)

Herba Elsholtzia splendens, (Xiang Ru)

Herba Schizonepeta tenuifolia (Jing Jie)

Size: 5g x 12 Sachets
Unit packing: 1 x Box
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