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Loose Leaf Chinese Yellow Tea

Yellow tea, called Huáng Chá (黄茶; 黃茶) in Chinese and is a rare and expensive variety of tea. It is produced similarly to green tea, but with an added step of being steamed under a damp cloth after oxidation, giving the leaves a slightly yellow colouring. This process also imparts a mellower and less grassy taste than is found in green teas. The yellow tea production process is similar to green tea, but with a unique additional step called men huan, or “sealing yellow.” After very early spring buds or tips are pan-fired, they are wrapped in special cloth and steamed, a step that is repeated several times over a period of up to three days, gently oxidizing the leaves before the final slow charcoal drying. This smothering process pulls the aromas back into the buds and creates a more aromatic and mature yellow tea, free of the “grassy” taste and astringency found in many green teas.

The top 7 Chinese yellow teas are: Jun Shan Yin Zhen (Mount Jun Silver Needle), Meng Ding Huang Ya (Meng Mountain Top Yellow Buds), Wei Shan Mao Jian (Mount Wei Hair Tip), Huoshan Huang Ya Tea (Mount Huo Yellow Tooth), Huoshan Huang Da Ye Cha (Mount Huo Big Leaf Tea), Da Ye Qing (Big Leaf Green), Huang Tang Cha (Yellow Soup Tea).


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