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Loose Leaf Chinese Scented Tea

Scented teas are special tea that has been infused with flowers that have a strong scent like Lavender, Lemon Grass, jasmine, Osmanthus flower, Rose bud, Chloranthus flower and many more. These scents create an interesting taste and aroma in the different teas as well as health benefits.

The scented teas are processed with high quality green, white, oolong or black teas to yield a variety of refined flavours. Generally the tea is named after the particular flower it is infused with, for instance: Jasmine Tea, Osmanthus flower tea, Rose bud tea, Yulan Tea (Chloranthus Tea).

Scented teas were the most popular in China during the Yuan Dynasty (11271-1368). The Yuan Dynasty origins originated from Mongolian which is famous for cuisines with very strong aromas. The subtle and delicate teas consumed previous to the Yuan era did not complement the Yuan/Mongolian heavily spiced palates. The Yuan Dynasty located its government in Beijing in the north of China hence today scented teas are more prominent in the north.

Jasmine tea which is the most popular scented tea in China originated in the 3rd century after the jasmine plant was introduced from Persia. However it wasn’t until after the Qing Dynasty that jasmine teas went became a large scale production.

Mo Li Hua Zhen Zhu Cha (Jasmine Pearl Tea) 150gm

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Mo Li Hua Zhen Zhu Cha (Jasmine Pearl Tea) 150gm

Golden Ocean Jasmine Pearl Tea is the finest and most exquisite Jasmine tea. The tea base selected for this tea is Ying Hao – one of the best teas to pair with the Jasmine flavour. Unlike lower grade Jasmine tea packed with flowers, this Golden Ocean Jasmine Pearl Tea used a unique traditional blending process to completely infuse a strong and pure jasmine flavour into the very delicate tea.

The blending of the Jasmine and the tea takes place in up to seven processes, each taking up to four hours, after which the Jasmine petals are removed. Once the petals are removed each leaf and bud set are skilfully hand rolled into a tiny pearl sized ball. The tea is then wrapped in silk mesh and dried to set the form. This superior tea yields a beverage with a light golden hue accompanied by a fresh floral, full-bodied palate with a refreshingly sweet, pleasant, long lasting floral after taste.

2-3 teaspoons per 6oz (180ml) cup. Use water at 85°C (185°F). Let steep for 2-3 minutes then enjoy. This tea can also be enjoyed after is has cooled. Sugar can be added if preferred.

Once water level is low – add more water, and so on, until the tea flavour is exhausted.

Do not let steep for too long or over brew. It is important to have the correct temperature as if the water is too hot then sugars degrade and if too cold then the protein content does not extract properly.

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