Aged Pu Erh Cha (fermented dark tea) 200gm – Loose Leaf Chinese Pu’er, Pu-erh, Tea – Golden Ocean Chinese Tea

Loose Leaf Chinese Pu’er, Pu-erh, Tea

Pu-erh (pu’er, puer or pu erh) tea one of the six tea categories of tea in China. Pu-erh tea is classified as a Black tea however there is debate that it should have a category of its own as its processing methods are fundamentally different to that of the regular Black teas. Black tea is oxidised (non bacterial fermentation) and not fermented by microbial bacteria, however pu-erh tea is fully or partially fermented by microbial bacterial activity (it does also have some oxidisation in the early stage of the process). Unlike white tea or green tea, when the plant is picked for the pu-erh teas the older larger leaves on the branch are used, as opposed to white tea which generally uses the bud and the first 1-3 leaves picked early in spring or green tea that uses the first 1-3 leaves picked later in spring/summer. Pu-erh tea leaves can be picked in late summer into autumn. Spring and autumn are the best seasons. Green (raw) and Black (ripe) pu-erh follow the same processes of Withering (dehydrating)- Rolling/Forming – Drying and Steaming/Shaping. Pu-erh tea has the additional step of “Cooking” (Piling/Heaping) which is heaping the leaves in a pile to facilitate fermentation – Wodui. Pu-erh tea varieties are then stored for ageing. Pu-erh tea also employs another technique of sun-drying the leaves after the Rolling/Forming step. The piling/heaping of the leaves triggers the enzymatic decomposition, cooking of the leaves by natural heat thus fermentation occurs.

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Aged Pu Erh Cha (fermented dark tea) 200gm

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Aged Pu Erh Cha (fermented dark tea) 200gm

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Our tea is better quality than the major supplier T2 and less expensive. Our tea is very good value.

(T2 Price: $6.50 per 50gm – Our price $5.40 per 50gm )

Pu Erh is a town in Southern Yunnan Province, China, where many famous tea growing mountains are located and is the largest market for tea trading. Tea produced in this area is called Pu Erh tea. Pu Erh tea can be categorised into three main groups; Pu Erh Special, Pu Erh Green tea and Yunnan Black tea. Pu Erh Special tea is known as Pu Erh tea. This Pu Erh tea is created through a special fermentation process by using the semi-made green tea of the Yunnan large leaf tea, in black or brown colour. Unlike other teas of which the fresher is better; Pu Erh tea takes a year to develop its unique mellow flavour, so its quality never fades as the years go by. Indeed, the older the tea is the greater the quality. This Golden Ocean Pu Erh tea is carefully sourced from the best quality Special Pu Erh tea, which is produced on high altitude mountains and properly stored for years. Its beverage has a superior smoothness, surprisingly pleasant earthy aroma with a deep mellow taste. Research has shown that Pu Erh tea has functions of lowering triglycerides, cholesterol and treating hyperuricemia in the human body.

Use a Yixing (purple clay) tea pot - this is the best way to enjoy this tea. Put 10 grams into a tea pot. Use water at 100°C (212°F). Let steep for 1 minute for the first time. Increase the steeping time for each subsequent brewing. It is good for up to 5 infusions. It is important not to steep too long or over brew.
Using Tea cup: 1-2 teaspoons per 6oz (180ml) cup. Use water at 100°C (212°F). Let steep for 3-4 minutes before drinking. Do not remove the leaves from the cup. Once water level is low – add more water, and so on, until the tea flavour is exhausted. Note - It is important to have the correct temperature as if the water is too hot then sugars degrade and if too cold the protein content does not extract properly.

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